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We are producing the largest cantilever gates (20-25m) in the area with complete anti-corrosive and finishing solution, metallised and delivered with the desired RAL color.

We provide specialised solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, needs and requirements. The gates we produce offer a higher overall value than our competitors as a result of the exceptionally high quality and long lasting anti-corrosive surface treatment utilizing the Thermal Metal Spray process, the good technical quality and high aesthetic experience.


Thermal Metal Spray metallisation, sprayed aluminium coating for achieving exceptionally high anti-corrosive life-span.

We are using state-of-the-art equipment to treat steel structures and surfaces to provide anti-corrosive protection. We work without size limitations, treating railway bridges on site or large weld constructions that cannot fit into traditional galvanizing baths.
Our technology is capable of providing coatings of zink, aluminium, copper, brass, steels and their alloys. The wide scale of coating materials represent the oppurtunity to choose the best possible solution in the given corrosive environment.

Architectural restoration

The anti-corrosive restoration of steel artworks, cast-iron fences, forged ornaments of hirstorical, protected buildings has become one of our main competence.

We have developed good expertise and know-how in restoring heavily corroded, 19-20th century, steel heritage building elements. For this application we utilize the Thermal Metal Spray metallisation technology. By providing exceptionally long lifespan corrosive protection we make a significant contribution to preserving architectural heritage for the future generations.

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